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I am a workaholic type of person, I a person who gives focus on work before anything else. I rest assures that when the time is on call for work I give all my heart and dedication in it. But this doesn’t mean I never have leisure in life. I usually be found on my office doing office works, attends meetings and seminars in some other places but this doesn’t mean I hooked up all myself into their. I made so sure that after all the hectic schedules, stressful projects and pressured deadlines I will treat myself in order lose all that baggage’s from my work so that after it I could face the new challenges that is yet to come. Anna from escorts in London.

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Being hooked up with your work even for the weekend is never been good to a person. There is one blog that I had read on and know a friend that he don’t have time for himself. All he does in his life for 20 hours of his day is for work. He became such, out of his break up with her girlfriend. After the pain that he has been through he puts on her time on his work. He always do overtime, he is in the office for about 20 hours and he will just go to his unit for sleep. This is his kind of routine. But despite of his way of working he never doing so well with his work. The main reason there is that he is not happy his life is miserable so therefore his work will be affected. Remember you are what you are so you cannot be of somebody which not you. So if you’re happy or sad things will be seen in you most especially on how you perform on your work. That friend and blog that I’ve read lose their jobs and they undergo therapy in order to get back their old self that they have lost during heartbreak.

I was alarmed upon knowing such kind of story and I don’t want to be like them. I am not afraid of losing my job, what I am afraid of is losing myself control over my life. That’s the biggest fear that I don’t like to happen in my whole life. So I made an arrangement with myself. I would give focus to my work and after that I would give full treat to myself. A weekly treat to self who works so hard for living is not bad instead the very best thing that you could do to yourself.

My way of treating my self is on the things that I’d love to do with and that is going to party and playing poker. What I really love with this get away is that I found myself like a kid who seems to see the wonders of the world. I was able to see the kid side in me that continues to plays on the different battles of life.And after all the fun and excitement partying and playing I would then treat myself into the highest level and that is meeting the best London escort. This usually happens when I win big in playing poker. Doing such kind of experience in myself allows me to loosen all the bad experience that I had for the week. And as I face another week I am ready to face all of it for the previous ones were deleted.

For me as a bachelor and meeting London escort out from all your real world is something like the most amazing thing that you could do to yourself. You don’t need to do it often as long as you take the chance you could then be the best positive thinker inside your work and in your family. Positive and happy disposition in life could only be attain if you make yourself happy, worry less and satisfied. So if you want to be the best as you can be then better off treat yourself weekly that would be best for you. I am not saying this for just an information gathered from a blog but coming from my own experience.